Un cut crease super colorato, per la serie: "giochiamo con i colori"!

Products List

  • Kryolan Ultra Foundation
    (come fondotinta, modulato per le correzioni e per il contouring)
  • Kryolan Translucent Powder
  • Kryolan Eye Primer
  • Kryolan Concealer Circle
    (per il cut crease)
  • Nabla ES in Petra sfumato con Make Up Atelier Paris Chestnut Palette
    (piega palpebrale)
  • Neve Cosmetics ES in Utopia dalla Duochrome Palette
    (cut crease angolo interno)
  • Nabla ES in Lilac Wonder pressato su Sleek ES in Sugarlite dalla Palette V1
    (cut crease angolo esterno)
  • Nabla ES in Citron
  • Kryolan Pure Pigment in Pure Courage
  • Stargazer Pigment n 45 Red
  • Kryolan Kajal Black
  • Kryolan Aquacolor 091
    (eyeliner celeste)
  • Kryolan HD Cream Liner Black
  • Kryolan High Gloss in Doll

All the cosmetics products showed in this blog were all bought by myself. I do not want to "sell a product" (which could be the blog itself or either other products): I want to write about one great passion of mine. I'm not affiliated with any individual company mentioned in my reviews. Even a society decides to let me test and review its goods all the facts will be mentioned in the posts under the voice "Disclaimer". Anyway, I reserve myself the right to write a totally unconditioned opinion. All reviews are strictly mine, flowed from my personal and professional experience.

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